DENTAL CHECK UP AND CONSULTATION: We are trying to make your first contact with us in a pleasant environment and give you a bit of confidence. Experienced doctors will do a check up and suggest you a therapy plan. If necessary, we will also do a tooth X-ray to find the best solution for your problem. 

 ORTODONTICS: This is the branch of dentistry that deals with the development and maintenance of the correct dentofacial system. The correct arrangement and relation between teeth and jaws are not only aesthetic but functionally significant as well. In order to cure these problems, we use several types of orthodontic appliances. These are mobile and fixed orthodontic appliances. Mobile appliances are of limited possibilities and are related to the age of the patient. Fixed appliances are much more powerful because their force works continuously. They are not related to the age of the patient, so they are used in the treatment of both young and elderly patients. There are many types of fixed appliances: classic, metal, ceramic and aesthetic. They are attached to the teeth and after their removal, you wear retainers for some time. 

 AESTHETIC DENTISTRY: For years, it has been advancing and trying to bring every patient to a perfect smile. It includes tooth repair with modern aesthetic exfoliation, crowns, bridges, and teeth whitening. We also work on filling the face with hyaluronic acid. 

 PROTETICS: A science that deals with the recovery of lost teeth, or aesthetic rehabilitation of the oral cavity. Depending on the diagnosis, fixed and mobile restitutions are made. From mobile restitutions, we are making all kinds of dentures: classic total and partial, wizyl dentures, silicone … From fixed restitutions, we make all kinds of crowns: metal ceramic and non-metallic, zirconium crowns. Nowadays non-metallic crowns are in fashion, with all its advantages. Apart from the aesthetic superiority, they have other advantages in comparison to all other crowns. The absence of metal makes them more transparent, which gives a much more natural appearance, patients are less sensitive to metals, less plaque is retained. 

 ENDODONTION:  It is a branch of dentistry that enables tooth treatment with an infected root canal. It always gives priority to its tooth in relation to the implant or some other restitution. Endodontic root canal is cleaned, washed ,cleared from germs and finally filled. A good endodontic treated tooth is a good foundation for some type of filler or restitution. 

 ORAL SURGERY: Includes all the surgical procedures in the jaw: complicated tooth extractions, extracting stale roots, extracting wisdom teeth or fistula. It also includes operations at the top of the infected tooth root, cyst and tumor surgery, leveling of the alveolar crest, adding artificial bones and implantation.  

 PARODONTOLOGY: This branch of dentistry deals with the treatment and healing the supportive teeth. There is conservative and surgical treatment. In conservative treatment we remove all soft and firm layers, we remove the dental plaque and gingival pockets. In the surgical treatment the surgery cutting is done and then the bone is added.  

 IMPLANTOLOGIJAIMPLANTOLOGY:  It is a modern area that deals with missing teeth replacement. Today it’s a routine procedure that compensates one or more implants. It’s completely painless, usually done in local anesthesia. The implant serves as a carrier for future restitution. 

 CHILDREN DENTISTRY:  We do all kinds of interventions.

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